Poet and Asset Management expert.

Shanta Acharya has the rare achievement of being published in fields as diverse as poetry and literary studies as well as asset management.

Her five books of poetry are Dreams That Spell The Light (Arc Publications, UK; 2010), Shringara (Shoestring Press, UK; 2006), Looking In, Looking Out (Headland Publications, UK; 2005), Numbering Our Days’ Illusions (Rockingham Press, UK; 1995) and Not This, Not That (Rupa & Co, India; 1994). Her doctoral study, The Influence of Indian Thought on Ralph Waldo Emerson, was published by The Edwin Mellen Press, USA, in 2001. Her poetry is published widely in journals and anthologies worldwide.

She is the author of three seminal books on asset management – Endowment Asset Management: Investment Strategies in Oxford and Cambridge, with Elroy Dimson (Oxford University Press, UK; 2007), Asset Management: Equities Demystified (Wiley, UK; 2002) and Investing in India (Macmillan, UK; 1998). Her articles and interviews have appeared in various international publications.

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